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At B3 Homes, we’re passionate about finding the best locations and creating opportunities for new development. Whether you have a moderate plot of unkempt garden that is ripe for construction, or acres of inherited or redundant farm land that you don’t need or wish to use in its entirety, we would love to hear from you. We have an experienced team on hand ready and waiting to pay you a visit and provide professional, unbiased advice.

Why sell to us?

Prices Paid

We provide no obligation quotes, and pride ourselves on paying the best prices for the right opportunities.


With vast resources we are able to not only meet imperious sale prices but deliver swift and seamless payments as standard.

Considerate Construction Scheme

We are fully committed to the Considerate Construction Scheme so you can rest assured that any reputations or neighbourly rights will be honoured and remain in tact.

Hassle Free Planning Permission

At no extra cost, we take care of the planning permission to further eliminate the usual hassle and stresses for vendors when selling land.

What do we look for?

  • A house which sits on a large plot of land, including an area of garden which you do not use.
  • An oddment of land with road access.
  • Any residential development site with planning which has a land value up to £10million.
  • Probate property. 
  • Brownfield sites including yards and garages.
  • Greenfield land which has not previously been developed.
  • Commercial properties and offices with potential for residential conversion.

Where do we look?

If you’re exploring the thought of selling your land or actively trying to sell a piece of land, then we want to hear from you- get in touch with us today!

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